Monday, May 16, 2011

Bringing It To The Aam Aadmi

"Aam Aadmi", or, "Common Man". That is what we general public sitting in front of the telly are. And there are gazillions of products and producers out there, only some are visible to us.

There are some products which were first made only for a special section of people, the ones who could afford to shell out 6 or 7 digit amounts to buy it (variant as per your currency value ;-) ). And soon enough, when they had all the fame and prestige which they were sure they won't lose, they thought of expanding it to the range a common man can afford, without having to compromise much on the quality (of course, bound by the cost factor).

Here are two of them -

1. Blackberry.

In India mobile phones, to common man, were just about seeing names like Nokia, Samsung, LG etc on the gizmos. And recently, Indian manufacturers brought out their own products like Karbonn, MicroMax, Maxx etc etc and etc etc, and etc. And then the ones like Blakberry and HTC and sorts were something only suited executives in offices possessed.

So, Blackberry brought out a cool advertisement (with/under Vodafone) to attract some new customers, and I'm pretty sure they have many satisfied customers for their range of new mobiles that have been made perfectly well to suit the Indian needs.

2. VolksWagen

A few months ago, a friend of mine told me that VolksWagen has entered the commercial market, and is going to roll out cars on mass numbers. But how would the people know that they are going to do that?

Advertise on TV! The IPL "madness" helps.

Enter VolksWagen Passat. Great technologies, now on Indian roads. And, new customers? They are all welcome.

VolksWagen, for you.

So, how do you plan to bring your product large?