Monday, August 22, 2011

Friendly Ad

What is that one thing we like the most about college? Most of us would say - friends.

The large circle of friends, newly knit unit of close pals. Some great moments to cherish... We enjoy(ed) those moments in college. In the classroom, outside the classroom. Hostel life, and all those places we hang out at... The movies, parks, beach etc.

We stayed connected.

And in this generation, staying connected has a lot to do with the mobile phone, and hence the service provider. There are people, there is the service provider... How do you complete the network?

Advertise, target the community - college goers!

Airtel's new ad captures the spirit of college life with importance to the essence of friendship.

Every time I watch this ad, I'm reminded of things from college. I'm sure mane others would feel so too, whatever generation you may belong to. Every friend is important!

And what a peppy tune to it :-) !!

Do you want to win a Samsung Galaxy tab? Visit Airtel's HFZ site, to tag your friends... One with most tags wins a Galaxy. Every day.

It's such a nice ad, wonder why wasn't it released on Friendship Day!!??