Friday, June 10, 2011

We are all stupid. Laugh it off.

Have you ever done something really, REEEAALLY stupid after having done something very difficult, commendable or tough? Like you feel that you are the greatest man to be treading the earth one moment, but a complete idiot the next, with one stupid act separating the two emotions?

And did you have a laugh at it afterwards?

Maybe this would remind you of some of those instances -

What a brilliant ad, eh? We all know that we sometimes act or speak more than what we necessarily have to, right?

Like one time, I was showing off I can bat well to my sister, that when we were killing time indoors playing cricket, I smashed one ball high and crashed the chandelier on the 30-foot high ceiling. Moments later, my mom walked into the scene, catching the budding (even now, only budding Kapil Dev) in the act. Sure, I got some shouting I deserved, and scratches (from the glass pieces on the floor) that I didn't, but even one day after that, it is a story that amuses my family. And many more instances that I have no shame revealing :-P .

We all can relate ourselves to the advertisement! It makes us laugh our hearts out. We can act intelligent, but we must be mature enough to laugh at our casual stupidity. Center Fresh has caught the attention of the masses by involving them into the advertisement. As always.

And as we enjoy it, pop in a Center Fresh, so you can watch others slipping their tongue and mind into stupidity!

And I love the Brahmana thatha go "Bajarangi?" :-P

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beauty is nothing without Brains.

I was watching a of video on YouTube, when my eyes fell on a clip titled "Beauty is nothing without Brains".

The clip I was watching was supposedly a comic one, but it wasn't in English, or any other language that I understood. So, half way through I open this clip, and find out it's an ad.

A brilliant ad.

It's a slap in the face for the millions who think that looking beautiful/handsome is the only thing to do. You know, someone will fall for you, do your clothes for the rest of your life, while you can go kissing nothing at the sides of your (meet only in hi-profile parties) friends' cheeks, or call sunbathing a profession.

Hats off to Mercedes-Benz. Rode the concept well, brought in a simple act, and drove home what they wanted to tell the people: E-Klasse is beautiful, and it has got all the brains. So, just don't awe at it, ride it!.
What is beauty, if you don't have brains.

Someone beautiful, and a great leader? Her Highness Queen Rania.