Thursday, September 22, 2011

VW Ads drive me crazy. Again. Twice.

It is always nice to watch an ad without having to deal with a screaming man, blowing trumpets about the product, half of which are likely to be false.

This ad by VolksWagen, for the introduction of its new commercial car in India - Jetta, is simply superb. Such a serene song with beautiful lyrics to go with it to.
It is easy to convince an Indian into buying a product. We are magpies. We like shiny new things. Pretty sure this ad has caught a lot of customers in this large pool already.

The ad -

Also, while hunting for the ad, I stumbled upon another VW ad.

This ad (for VW Passat) is so good, the don't even have to say a single word. The ad was for Europe, and the theme they went for was 'Star Wars'. I haven't watched Star War movies, or read any comic etc... But I think it is/was a hit for quite a while. Gus who grew up watching its movies or TV series or comics were easy pickings as targets for this ad.

And what amaaazing execution of the ad! Here, watch it for yourself!


(and VW becomes the first product to have multiple entries on this blog. VW Passat made an entry in one of my earlier posts.)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

School Chale Hum (Let's Go To School)

India is a 1.2+ billion people large country.

India ranks 134 in a list of 179 countries, as listed by UN Development Programme in their 2009 report, ahead of some African countries and a few countries from Asia and Latin America.

India's literacy rate hangs around the 74% mark, which means there are atleast 100-200 million illiterates in India.

Only 64% Women in India are educated (aged 7 and above).

If half of the world's best engineers and technicians are Indians, and half the world comes to India for medical treatment, imagine the magic we could weave with 100% literacy!

Let every child experience the path to glory, let every child be schooled. Girls, boys, rich, poor, mountain girls or fisherman's son... God didn't discriminate us, why should we lesser mortals do so?

The central government, in a tie-up with DD, came out with this campaign to help reach people in every corner of the country and "educate them about education".

As a school going kid, it was a beautiful feeling watching this long advertisement/campaign. It's sure to light a smile on your face.

7 years later, Sachin and NDTV bring back the same tunes from inside my heart and fund 140 schools via a fund-raiser.

Do whatever you can to help educate kids. Give them, they will have for a while. Teach them the trick, and they will live off it forever. Poverty will be wiped off the face of the earth.

Education is a right, not a choice.

I dedicate this post to all of Africa.